• At our farm animals have ample access to the outdoors and fresh air. Providing them with natural food sources is a priority. Our red barn, sheds, fenced areas and moveable pens have been developed to promote outdoor access while providing shelter during colder months. Environmentally friendly and sustainable practices are used.

    We encourage our customers to visit the farm. In addition to our livestock, you can meet our other animals that enjoy life on the farm. You will be greeted by large but friendly lab, Angus. He will accompany you on the tour to meet; Morty the Pot Belly pig, Moon the goat, Timmy, Quincy and Sunny our equine friends as well as a variety of rabbits and cats!

    For more information on our farm products please visit here 

    Thank you for visiting us online and we hope to see you soon!

    Karen Eatwell & Peter Duenk

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