We raise Black Angus cattle.  Commonly favoured by chefs, black angus beef is well marbled, tender and has a very nice flavour.

All of the cattle are bred, born and raised on the farm.  During the summer months, cattle graze in the pasture and then in the colder winter months are provided with indoor access to the barn and enjoy a menu of high quality hay grown on our farm.

Their diet is augmented with carefully chosen BioAg products such as kelp and other nutrients.  When it comes time to finish, we supplement their diet with corn, producing a beautifully marbled and deliciously sweet tasting beef.

Cuts available include steaks, roasts, stewing beef and ground beef.  Halves and quarters are also available.  All beef is sold frozen, butcher wrapped and is traceable.  We know exactly what meat comes from which cow – even the ground beef!

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