A variety of different heritage pigs are raised on the farm. 

These have included Berkshire, Tamworth, and Hampshire.  The meat is superior and has an incredible flavour exceeding that of regular store bought pork. The cuts are well marbled and the colour of the meat is much more red than white, very different from other pork options.  The meat will retain its pink colour when cooked and Berkshire pork is often referred to as the “Black Angus” of pork.

The pigs arrive at our farm at approximately 8 weeks of age and are then raised to market size.  All of the pigs arrive from other family farms with philosophies similar to ours. The pigs are raised in a relaxed environment from birth to finish.

During the summer months they have access to a pasture and in the colder months are kept indoors in the barn.  Their diet includes our own hay.  Other feeds such as vegetable scraps are also provided.  At finishing time the pigs are fed various grains including corn.

Cuts available include smoked and non-smoked pork chops, ham, garlic sausage, farmers sausage and bacon.  All items are vacuum cryvac sealed.

We sell out of our pork very quickly!  For half or whole pig orders place your order well in advance.  Other cuts are available for sale throughout the year or on an ‘as available’ basis.

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