Our poultry meat is very juicy with lots of flavour and taste!  

Chickens are raised during the summer months and turkeys are raised for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. All of the poultry is provided with ample access to the out of doors and allowed to run free.  Portable fenced areas are used as much as possible to allow easy access to new foraging areas.

We mix all of the feed for the poultry ourselves.  Grains supplemented with items such as hemp seed that contain fatty acid Omegas are used.  In addition, the mixed outdoor diet of bugs, worms, grass and vegetable scraps ensures a varied and nutritious diet.

Chickens and turkeys must be pre-ordered, and we always sell out.



Fresh brown eggs are available for sale throughout the year.

Our eggs offer great taste and texture.  The colour is wonderful with deep orange yellow yolks.  You will find cooking and baking with them really makes a difference!

Please call ahead for availability – the eggs are in high demand.


Chicken Day – Saturday September 21, 2013

The last flock of our 2013 season will be ready for our customers to enjoy.

We will have both whole and portions available. Since this is the last flock of the season, once it is gone there will not be chicken available until 2014.

The chicken is fresh on this Saturday only, after that we will have frozen available.

Our prices are as follows:

Whole Chicken                           $ 3.50/lb

Boneless Breasts                         $ 10.00/lb

Thighs                                           $ 4.00/lbSunday August 25, 2013 018

Legs                                               $ 3.75/lb

Wings                                            $ 3.50/lb




Sunday August 25, 2013 022

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